In my public Collection you can find some ready projects
(use p-button and Picker to select from Common Kit):

Project Description Pages ZIP MB
manual Quick Start Guide, HTML in English 11 0.7
manualru Мануал (Guide in Russian), HTML на Русском 11 0.7
music The Best Classical Music 102 30.2
pop The Best Popular Music 189 636.2
rocknroll The Best Rock&Roll Music 122 290.1
pinkfloyd The Best Pink Floyd with Lyrics 91 373.9
deeppurple The Best Deep Purple with Lyrics 117 484.4
riddles Riddles (English folklore) 117 4.2
zagadki Загадки (Russian folklore riddles for Kids) 151 13.6
prikoly Приколы (Russian folklore riddles for Adult) 61 3.0
EnRu1000 Первая 1000 (EN-RU частотный словарь) 1000 4.5

Call your attention that if you use project directly from this Internet site the Common Kit can work rather slow because of the big network delays. I would recommend firstly to copy a project on your local site in order to use this example as start point for your project. You can just take a ZIP archive and unzip it on your local Web server in order to start it in your LAN.

Sometimes also it can be more comfort for you to use for your project development the desktop iPhone Simulator instead of a real iPhone/iPod/iPad. Then you can use the desktop application image.

(c) 2010 Andrew Kazantsev,
All audio, text, and visual data in these projects are ONLY for education aims and cannot be used for further distribution and resale!