Common Kit
Classical Music

The Best Classical Music

This application has more than 100 masterpieces of Classical Music. You can use this interactive book both a Musical Album for entertainment or education, and an Audio Riddle Book for intellectual game with kids or friends.

By intuitive finger control you can easily leaf over pages, turn over question and answer by flipping the sides, change the transparency of picture and text, tune foreground and background colors, pause, resume or restart a playback, switch a color music mode and sound effects, etc. Just tap on Zero page (above) to see the following help page:

Shortly Finger Screen Control means:
- a tap by 1 finger turns over question/answer sides;
- hor. moving by 1 finger leafs over page-by-page;
- hor. moving by 2 fingers leafs over pages (fast);
- ver. moving by 1 finger shows/hides picture;
- ver. moving by 2 fingers shows/hides text;
- moving by 3 fingers changes background color;
- moving by 4 fingers changes text foreground color;
- double tap by 1 finger temporary shows picture, text, page number, and pauses/resumes playback;
- triple tap by 1 finger restarts playback;
- i-button click calls the Wiki info and settings;
- shake switches shuffle (@) and non-stop ($) modes.

NB! From next version 1.4 the control will be slightly changed to follow Common Kit.

Each page has an audio clip with a famous music. You can show or hide the composer portrait and name, and title of this masterpiece (with above mentioned vertical moving by 1 or 2 fingers) to make this game more interest.

By i-button at any moment you can see an additional information from Wiki about the composer and title.

Also here by Settings button you can switch the color music, the music continuation for flipping from question to answer side, and sound effects ON/OFF, and return the source screen colors.