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Riddles FREE (English folklore) is interactive audio-visual book for Kids and Parents...

This unique book has many wonderful sound, color, and visual effects. A child can control it by special screen touching. It is very useful for kids because develops the small motor functions in order to increase a brain activity.

For example a kid can change on-the-fly the transparency of pictures and texts (to make easier or harder guessing riddles), switch ON/OFF voice and sound effects, tune smoothly the background and text colors.

Leafing this book is a fascinating game that will catch a kid's attention for a long time. Moreover, the active control for matching colors, pictures, sounds, and texts will activate the literacy and reading skills, and possibility to create any color combination will develop harmonic art taste...

Even parents cannot tear this book away and play like kids!

Finger Screen Control:
- single tap by 1 finger turns over question side and answer side;
- horizontal moving by 1 finger leafs over page-by-page;
- horizontal moving by 2 fingers leafs over pages (fast);
- vertical moving by 1 finger scrolls text;
- vertical moving by 2 fingers changes transparency of picture (left screen side) or text (right screen side);
- moving by 3 fingers changes background and text shadow color;
- moving by 4 fingers changes text color;
- double tap by 1 finger temporary shows picture, text, page, and pauses/resumes playback;
- triple tap by 1 finger restarts last playback;
- single tap by 2 fingers or i-button click calls the page URL link and settings;
- p-button click shows Project Picker and accepts new project;
- shake switches shuffle (@) and non-stop ($) modes.